Fred Durst lo anuncia

On Tuesday 20th July 2010, said:

I cannot promise these dates won't change and I've been told not to expose them, are the dates we are planning for our South American tour after Europe and before USA -- South America

Thursday, October 14th - San José, Costa Rica
Friday, October 15th - Travel
Saturday, October 16th - Panamá City, Panamá
Sunday, October 17th - Off
Monday, October 18th - Off
Tuesday, October 19th - Travel
Wednesday, October 20th - Bogotá, Colombia
Thursday, October 21st - Off
Friday, October 22nd - Sao Paulo, Brazil
Saturday, October 23rd - Travel
Sunday, October 24th - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Monday, October 25th - Travel
Tuesday, October 26th - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Wednesday, October 27th – Travel
Thursday, October 28 - Santiago, Chile
Friday, October 29 - Travel
Saturday, October 30 - Asunción, Paraguay
Sunday, October 31 - Travel
Monday, November 1 - Off
Tuesday, November 2 - Lima, Peru

Wednesday, November 3 - Travel
Thursday, November 4 - Quito, Ecuador
Friday, November 5 - Travel
Saturday, November 6 - Caracas, Venezuela

Preparense fans de Limp Biskit...